Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Any relation?

As usual when I am bored I start hitting the Stumble button for the weird and wacky around the net to entertain me I "stumble" upon a little tidbit at the bottom of an article I am reading. It wasn't the headline that caught my eye:

Is That A ‘Big Mama’ Sausage In Your Pants
Or Are You Just A Tranny?
via Banned in Hollywood

Ok, I lied, a little bit, it did catch my eye, but it was the name of the thief that really got my attention. More specifically the last name, Gariepy. That's my maiden name. Hmm wonder if we are related? Outside of my family and a Dr. in Wisconsin I don't know anyone else with that last name. We are far and few between.

Hope she gets some help.

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