Saturday, May 9, 2009

Insects, Poultry & Breadcrumbs

Those are the kind of things I see on my drive to work and home.

I love driving to and from work. There is always something happening on Hickman/Highway 6 to look at. Friday on the way into work there are chickens trying to cross the road. It's rush hour. What were those chickens thinking. For anyone unfamiliar with the Clive/Waukee end of Hickman, there is a gal that raises free range chickens. Most of the time they are pretty well behaved and just stand over in the yard and watch traffic go by, but Friday, nope, something really was catching the eye of one of those birds and it was bound and determined to go get it despite the traffic whizzing past it's beak. I call it it, because these do not look like your normal chickens so I couldn't tell if it was male or female. They look more buzzardy. But it must have been the bird in charge because there were about five or six following right behind it.

Then further on down the road a bright yellow VW catches my eye. I have a thing for VW's old or new. Hmm, wonder where I get that from, Dad? Then I spy it's vanity plates, it spells out lightening in license plate shorthand. I laughed all the way to work.

Today on my way in there were boxes scattered down the road like breadcrumbs so we could find our way to these folks new home. I would hate to be them when they realize they are missing something when they get to their destination.

Anyyway, I just had to talk about it since it tickled my fancy.

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