Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden in a Gutter

OMG! How cool is this?

Garden in a Gutter
From in Juneau by a former Iowan

We are unable to plant a garden in the back yard:
1) because it is full of gravel and other assorted filller
2) because it is just too wet most of the year.
We are seriously thinking of just planting water plants back there.

I don't know that we would plant veggies, but flowers would be cool. I seriously doubt I could talk Mark into attaching them to the side of the house but I could talk him into doing something around the ugly railing on the front porch with a bit of wood and some finagling. A definite plus for keeping the Weenie out of them and dragging her lead through them.

Hmm, we shall see, we shall see.

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