Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shoes! I love shoes!

I luvs me some shoes! The more the better. Unfortunately in this economy I can't afford some of those very cool shoes I see out there. Even if I could afford them, everyone else is wearing them. Booorrinngg. How about some thrift store finds and a couple of Ace bandages?

Medic Esthetic by Gwendolyn Huskens via designboom

Or some fabric, glue, staples and safety pins?

Erna Einarsdottir

What do you do with all those keychain rings?

Annabelle B. Lacuna just graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands with her collection one in a million. Her inspiration comes from sub cultural tribes, where people often believe they look unique, but when put together with their fellow tribe members they all follow the same dressing codes. Taking these dressing codes from tribes such as punks and goths, she collected different elements and mixed them all up. This way she created a truly new look, even though many elements look familiar. Pictures by Cedric Pradel.

I can see using this on the front of one my sweet little Gramma hats as a veil. I find the belt interesting also. Perhaps out of a rugged, yet pliable plastic of some kind. Plastic floor runner? Maybe. Possibly?

You can find more of Annabella's work here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Speaking of Lynn Allen

If I had the time, the money and the talent I would host a Beethovens reunion.

Who knows, maybe it's been done already and I missed it. I have been in the Des Moines area for almost eight years yanno.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Belated Fourth!

Been busy working and going through a bit of a down mood. I do believe I am having a mid life crisis. My creativity feels like it had been sucked dry. Now I have a 100 projects going on in my head just waiting to come to fruition.

We went to the Fourth of July celebration at Centennial Park in Waukee . First time we have ever been to the park. Very nice. Food vendors, giant blow-up jumpy things and a band called Standing Hampton. They are really good. Of course they play 70's/80's rock. All us 40 and 50 somethings out there head banging. Then I realized...Oh mah Gawd! This is the oldies!

I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them I was taken back 20+ years. There were all the people from back in the day; Sandy, Lori, Dennis, Danny, Theresa, the hair flip boys, Plastic Candy, Lynn Allen, (Oh poop, they played in Eldridge on the Fourth. So bummed), Marge, Dave, Ronnie, Timmy and everyone else that crossed my path in the 80's. Very weird, very surreal.

Those were the best of times, those were the worst of times.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Shredded T-Shirt

One of my favorite blogs is This woman thinks outside the box when it comes to re purposing clothing. Whilst perusing her blog I saw the Outsapop T-shirt shredding tutorial.

"Oh! I can do this."

I did do it. It takes great patience and time. Loads of patience and loads of time. I would do it while watching TV and between calls at work. Today I finished it with its trim, sleeves and neckline.

Shredded Tee shirt
I know this is probably soo last year for a lot of people, but come on, I live in Iowa. We are always a tad bit behind. My co-workers would ask, "What are you doing?" When I told them they just raised an eyebrow. Mark wanted to know where and with what I was planning to wear it. It's a tad, umm, see through. Nothing a black tank or cami can't cure.

I'm pretty darned impressed with myself. It actually came out the way I envisioned it. It started out as an XL T-shirt. I of course forgot to take a before picture. After shredding the shirt I shortened the sleeves. Ack! Sleeves are one of the banes of my existence since I have stub arms. The neck is the bottom of a black t-shirt and the trim is the cut off hem of said black t-shirt.

Guess what I am wearing to work to day?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Any relation?

As usual when I am bored I start hitting the Stumble button for the weird and wacky around the net to entertain me I "stumble" upon a little tidbit at the bottom of an article I am reading. It wasn't the headline that caught my eye:

Is That A ‘Big Mama’ Sausage In Your Pants
Or Are You Just A Tranny?
via Banned in Hollywood

Ok, I lied, a little bit, it did catch my eye, but it was the name of the thief that really got my attention. More specifically the last name, Gariepy. That's my maiden name. Hmm wonder if we are related? Outside of my family and a Dr. in Wisconsin I don't know anyone else with that last name. We are far and few between.

Hope she gets some help.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

OMG! These are bee-you-tea-full!

I don't usually get too excited about much of anything, especially trinkets. I was hitting the Stumble button like I usually do when I am bored and these gorgeous bits of jewelry popped up from Lara Lewis' Etsy shop. Her estate jewelry for me is to die for and it is all reasonably priced.

Blush Vintage Filigree Ring (with Faceted Estate Style Glass Jewel)
Blush Vintage Filigree Ring

How much do I love her work? I sent Mark an email with the link to the shop and the particular items I want. I want them all, but I thought I would start him slow. Think he will get the hint?

AHAHAHA! Hint not taken. They are still up for sale. Ok, ok, next pay day I am making them mine if they haven't been sold.