Sunday, August 2, 2009

What do you do with all those keychain rings?

Annabelle B. Lacuna just graduated from the Utrecht School of Arts in the Netherlands with her collection one in a million. Her inspiration comes from sub cultural tribes, where people often believe they look unique, but when put together with their fellow tribe members they all follow the same dressing codes. Taking these dressing codes from tribes such as punks and goths, she collected different elements and mixed them all up. This way she created a truly new look, even though many elements look familiar. Pictures by Cedric Pradel.

I can see using this on the front of one my sweet little Gramma hats as a veil. I find the belt interesting also. Perhaps out of a rugged, yet pliable plastic of some kind. Plastic floor runner? Maybe. Possibly?

You can find more of Annabella's work here.

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