Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Great Day

Thank you MSNBC for allowing people to embed this video.

Shh, don't tell Mark, the next four to eight years will be hard enough for him as it is.

I had to watch this via the internet today because he stubbornly refused to let me watch it on TV. He watched Warbirds on DVD. Pffft. Let it go honey, let it go there is nothing more you can do.

Mark lives, eats and breathes politics. He is one of those annoying people who will try to turn any conversation to politics so he can spout the rhetoric of his party. *yawn* He almost had me turned for awhile, but I kept questioning things that did not jibe for me. When I started hearing, verbatim, the same words spoken by the top three politic pundits I knew it was time to investigate on my own. I love you honey, but, here will have to agree to disagree. That's why you love me. Head. Strong.

I am just going to keep watching this with my box of tissue because I just can't seem to stop tearing up. Let's just hope that this man can manage to keep at least some of his promises and is able to keep a strong thumb on that shrieking shrew in the House and her minions. They are the ones I don't trust.

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