Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gauntlet/ arm warmers

I own clothes that I will never fit into again in my lifetime so what was I saving them for? My deluded mind kept telling me I would fit into them again. HA! So, I rewashed them all and started ripping out seams to salvage the material for making other things! Today I bring you the first of my projects from all that material, the gauntlet/arm warmers made from denim jeans, a blouse from the 80's and cotton jacket lining and the lace that was attached to said lining and buttons from Gramma's button box.


They look better on human arms than on 1 liter pop bottles. Mark wasn't willing to play nicely and besides that he takes really crappy photos. I have issues with digital cameras, I have to take the picture quick before the camera shuts down. Seems what ever is in digital watches is in digital cameras, duh, and something inside me doesn't work well with what is in digital things.

The blouse material is a weird greeny, blackish gold with black flowers and the reverse is a negative effect of black with the weird gold flowers. I lined the top with the front of the blouse material and the folded down bottom with the reverse side of the blouse. The loops are made with some of the cotton material. I had to add the loops rather than buttonholes because I under estimated the chubbiness of my arms. *smirk* I was going for a rough sewn look since I wanted them to have a kind of Steampunk goodness to them.

My first project, well actually my third, I made a couple of fleece hats that I haven't quite figured out how to photograph them, but these are the ones I am most proud of right now.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Really beautiful work. Would love to see more. These warmers look very 1849 and so does the photo. Nice layout.