Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just a girl with a dream

I have been watching a sewing machine on that is on sale and is also on sale at the store. Tomorrow night is Kmart's Friends and Family night and since I work for Sears and Kmart is owned by Sears Holding so my discount applies. Mark, the love of my life, has promised me an early Christmas present. A shiny new Kenmore sewing machine to replace the evil hunk of metal I currently cuss at.

kenmore sewing machine

When we purchased the one I have now it sewed like a dream, and then, something happened. This machine is one we can not figure out who it was made by. There are no defining numbers, marks or a name on it. The manual is no help either, just a very basic manual. One I should have read more thoroughly when I was trying to figure how to make it zig zag. I set all the dials and buttons and nothing. Re-read the instructions and way down at the bottom in tiny print it says "Don't do this before you do that or you will break the something something". Ah, well, I see, now I have broken the something something. I can deal with that. There are ways around not having a zig zag stitch I can still sew a straight line.

I got along nicely for a while, completed a new robe for Mark and a couple of other little projects and then clunk a nest of loops, sew fine for eight inches and clunk another nest of loops. I adjusted the tensions, re-threaded, cleaned out the bobbin area, nothing helped. A 30 minute hat project took me over two hours of seam ripping and sewing very, very, very slowly.

Mark must have decided he better do something to appease me after being met with curse words, tears and then grumpy silence. He knew I was a girl with a dream of perhaps one day, maybe, selling some of my bits at Craft Saturday and some of the shows held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds and Adventureland. And then, and then, who knows, maybe infinity and beyond!

Just a girl with a dream. But first I have to get a sewing machine that actually works correctly.

Wish me luck, I will need it because my luck will run foul and that sewing machine will either go off sale or it will have been sold from the store before I get there.

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