Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frog Bag

I've been dying to try the Singlet Style Shopping Bag tutorial by queenofdiy over on Craftster. I've been wanting to make up some shopping bags so we don't have a plethora of plastic bags all over the house. Even WE don't have enough garbage to reuse all those bags. Plus Mark's niece Kim is getting married early in May and on her Bridal registry from Target she has shopping bags so I thought I would make her some cool looking ones.

So I decided to try out the tutorial to see if I could do it and I really wanted to make myself a bag to replace my ratty old purse. I had a few issues that I learned from and an issue with how to sew the top of the handles, but it came out pretty good. I would definitely not suggest using the material I used. I recycled a dress my Mother had given me as a birthday present about ten years ago. It's a cross between heavy t-shirt material and lightweight sweatshirt material. the lining is a pink, green white and black striped cotton material that I got in the remanent bin at JoAnn's. It matches perfectly!

Frog Bag

Excuse the lumpiness, I had stuff in it already. Handle issue, top left. Grrrr. And what ever possessed me to sew the side seams out rather that in is beyond me, but it's a happy accident for me since I caught just a enough of the lining to give it a little detail. I like it. I think I am now ready to make the shopping bags. Correctly.

Kim also has aprons on her Bridal Registry. I will give that one a try on another date, there is this vintage smock I want to make......

One of these days I will get the flying cap I made up. I can't seem to photograh it correctly without it looking like a Little House on the Prairie bonnet. I think I need to adjust some things on the cap it's self for a better fit.

I will try not to make it over a month before I post anything. Just nothing has been going on in our lives and nothing has really caught my interest. Though I do have another bag I want to make. Hehe.

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